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"Modern Problems of Geography and Anthropology"

Dedicated to the 140th anniversary of Alexandre Javakhishvili – a Georgian geographer and anthropologist, the Academician of Georgian Academy of Sciences and honored worker of Georgian Science.

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Alexander Nikoloz Javakhishvili  – a Georgian geographer and anthropologist, Doctor of Geographical Sciences (1937), Professor (1920), honored worker of Georgian Science (1941),  Academician of  the Georgian Academy of Sciences of (1944), Vice President (1924-1940), President (1940 -1970) and Honorary President (1970-1973) of the Geographical Society of Georgia,  Director of the Vakhushti Bagrationi Institute of Geography (1933-1962) was born on August 5, 1875, in Gori, Georgia. He received his primary education at the Nobility College for Boys in Tbilisi, and then at the Second Classical Gymnasium for Boys. In 1895 on graduation from a gymnasium with honor (silver medal), Alexander Javakhishvili  continued his study at the Department of Natural Sciences of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of the Moscow State University,  from which he graduated in 1900 with the first degree diploma and was left there to be prepared for the future scientific activity.

Alexander Javkhishvili actively participated in the foundation of Tbilisi State University and formation and organization of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, as shown by the Protocol of 17 October 1917. He contributed to the introduction and development of the geographical science in Georgia, as well as establishment of geographical institutions and growing up of young staff. During the entire period (1920-73) of his working at the University he organized several departments of geographical division, scientific-research and educational study rooms, Geographical Museum and library. By his initiative and leadership the Georgian Geographical Society (1924) and Vakhushti Bagrationi Institute of Geography (1933) have been founded.
One of the peaks in the Central Caucasus and the Georgian Geographical Society were named in honor of Alexander Javkhishvili, as well as the library of geography, located in one of the rooms of the former Faculty of Geography and Geology (now the room № 220) in the first building of Tbilisi State University.